Rush Limbaugh Bashes Michelle Obama

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Rush Limbaugh goes off on the fact that NASCAR fans booed Michelle Obama ... or more specifically that this surprises people.
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Rush is rich and doesn't care about all the poor people who are listening to his commentary and that's why he will never tell the truth and will continue to play on the ignorance and racism of people but as a businessman he gets an a+ from me


Michelle Obama is going to go down in history as the First Lady who gracefully and graciously took more abuse than any other First Lady in history. She and her entire family (including her children) have been called the most disgusting names, have had to endure the most death threats as well as the worst racist slurs I've ever heard and could not believe people had the nerve to actually post in a public forum. Rush Limbaugh seems to have zeroed in on her particularly and the only explanation is his own racism and mental defect. The only explanation for Limbaugh having a venue to publicize his venom is the number of racists in this country. What will it take for a person to truly be free in this country?


I was watching the race and Michelle Obama, not necessarily Dr.Biden, was definitely BOOED. Why not,she has been the worst first lady ever. What has she done that will go down in history other than telling restaurants to cut portions? She has someone plant a garden at the Whitehouse and do all the work and she takes the credit !!! Yes, she will go down as the first African/American first Lady, but her husband is the first mallato President. He has no right to play the race card!!!!

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