Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart Photos: Doctored?!?

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This video purports to breakdown the Us Weekly photos that allegedly proved Kristen Stewart had an affair with Rupert Sanders. Are you buying them as forgeries?
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Yeah, accept she and Rupert admitted an affair.. or it wasnt Kristen and Rupert who admitted an affair but somebody who pretended to be Kristen and Rupert and nobody checked ... I see...


I understand that people have to justify what was being brought upon especially if the people being accused are the very people we admire. But if these photos were real then why would Kristen even issue an apology?! And right after the scandal broke out? I mean if they were fake why not she defend herself and her relationship with Robert? If she admits it herself then why would you even try to "dig up the truth"? Quote you: "Sometimes things that are absurd are the actual truth." (something like that). Stop tryin to justify it, evidence and a confession is all we need.

@ Belle

The People mag author of the story about apology admitted the apology came from a "source", unnamed, and not from Kristen herself. She deleted the tweet shortly afterward, I (and many others) screen-capped it. So no, it was NOT Kristen that made the apology


I see what you mean!!!!!! Hey someone is fooling around with us!!!! Don't like that!!!! That's not cool.

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