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This video purports to breakdown the Us Weekly photos that allegedly proved Kristen Stewart had an affair with Rupert Sanders. Are you buying them as forgeries?

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IThis been go a long time I have try to tell people where to fine this video. But people love to call name. A media making money off the they lying stories. The media knew that the affair was done with just pictures. What you were looking at in the magazine pictures of pictures And the name of the video on youtube is [liberty did it an insider told ]


This is a blackmail setup by someone. But, what goes around comes around. Katy Perry is some how involved. I feel it in my gut. People trying to run other peoples lives saying " they should be dating other people anyway" I do hope that Robert will calm down and look at this situation from all sides. Kristen was being blackmailed some how


I teach photography in college. I have 30 students. I knew these pictures were fake when I saw them. Someone is very mean spirited to do this to Robert and Kristen. As for the message on the phone hackers can do that,


I always believe TRUE :3 !


I think kristen and rob are together only for the publicity they get I mean just the fame not that anybody cares but you know people are always hiding themselves


only robert matchs with christen.


I whole heartedly beleive the photos of Rupert and Kristen are totally FAKE.They just looked out of place,not right.I think Rob and Kristen are a great couple,good luck you two,I can't wait to see part two.


Well I haven't seen her apologising! Some words in a magazine or a blog, typed by anybody possible... Who says it was Kristen?????? I never saw her admitting it's true. She did not say to a camera that she did it.
Wasn't it the case that a journalist (by E!) who drafted the words saying they were Kristen's?
By the way: The video is stupid! There's a giant walking... o.O @ 0:30 - this is so ridiculous. Why would they put a railing there that is too small to keep people safe... They would fall so easily if people were really this tall. I wish the whole thing was fake... But the video is bad.


I don't think that Rubert and kristen are not match. Robert and Kristen are looking good couple.


wag the dog! it's all about money!!!!

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