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Rosie O'Donnell comes up with her own list in this video, one that calls out David Letterman as anti-gay. Watch now!

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How can you be in comedy and be so sensitive? Dave Letterman is, was, and will always be a trillion times funnier than Rosie O'Donnell.


GROSS! And she isn't even funny. I feel embarrassed for her. She just isn't funny. She should just retire. Sarcastic, know it all. Above it all.


The only reason I know about this is because it came down my news feed on fb. I don't understand Rosie....she seems to be always angry and always trying to cause trouble. I am guessing her ratings may be low and she is just trying something to get someone to watch....who knows. It seems to me that if anyone has an opinion different then hers you are automatically anti-something in her mind. I don't watch her ever...I stopped years ago when she started trying to push her opinions on everyone and actually acted like a bully. My all time favorites are Jay Leno and Ellen. They are the kings of talk shows. Rosie in my "opinion" is probably one of the most negative people I have ever heard....she is miserable and she seems to want to spread the misery around.

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