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Rosie O'Donnell stands behind Dylan Farrow. She firmly believes Woody Allen abused her.

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N as for Barbara Walters saying woody is wonderful caring dad I no longer respect n will no longer watch anything with her in it! Protecting that creep so can get an interview with him at some point what a suck up! As if woody would molestate in front of her Rosies right no one knows what goes on behind closed doors! Walters should be axed she's biased n has no guts she's a coward!! Did she not read Maureen orthos ten facts about woody n allegations


Sic to death people ripping mia Farrow apart she's not the accused she's good hearted person she's not perfect but who is the facts r facts woody is a molester but Hollywood bosses n lawyers can't have that cuz he's a moneymaker for them pieces of shit along with cate blanchette who only cares about the Oscar I hope to God she loses!!! Poor Dylan she has Moses trying to get back in woodys good graces not to mention his will as well at her expense n his fifteen minutes of fame at her expense what a scumbag along with that golddigging retarded soon yi watching woody molest their two adopted daughters all so she can enjoy her lifestyle guarantee u those girls come out in future will allegations of abuse by Willy!! Mia should of left that ungrateful trash eating out of garbage cans in Korea she didn't deserve a better life she's scum like woody

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