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Robert Pattinson is featured here on The Today Show. He talks about Breaking Dawn and, specifically, Edward's wedding to Bella, in this interview.

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For goodness sake don't be so ignroant.. if celebrities can do something useful with their time and money for desperate causes then they bloody well should. It might be that some celebs don't know how to help so being asked to participate in something specific cuts out the middle man.. they can do so much more than many of us and in times of crisis by raising awareness.. I take my hat off to those who can and do help.. publicity stunt or not there are thousands upon thousands suffering and if a handful of popular celebrities can help raise further awareness and have their own fan base follow suit by helping anyway they can.. all the better Yes it's a choice.. but who is going to say no?.. presumptuous ??? seriously!..


I like how this lady handled the interview. She focused solely on Rob's career. Then, at the end, she just congratulated Rob on all his fortunes, including his beautiful girlfriend, whom she didn't name, but everyone is talking about. True fans can appreciate this, as well as wishing Rob the best in life and with his lady of choice, whom I've loved since she was 12. it!

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