Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart Talking Marriage?

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are back together, and have even talked about marriage, tabloid sources claim.

Awesome I mean yeah she made a few mistakes but hey who's perfect


Just read Rob won't marry Kristen if family doesn't agree. SURPRISE Rob has his out now. He's not a man or he would fight for the woman he "loves". He is afraid ppl will think he is weak!! If you love someone you stay with them you don't keep breaking their heart and yours. We will see Thanksgiving. If he calls off dinner then he is following a pattern. Rember special Bday Kristen had planned for him? He broke up with her!! If he wants to be with Kristen he needs to go to his family and let them see how much he cares for her. Can they not see he has been a mess since they broke up. Drinking and drugging and womanizing every night? Since he has seen Kristen again only a couple of outings. Of course you could tell he had been drinking .Be a man Rob if you truley love Kristen then fight for her!! If you follow your heart and do decide she is the woman you want to spend your with then stay with her.Your family will respect your decision.If you are a coward and reject Kristen again then be miserable the rest of your life.Don't keep hurting Kristen!!! She will probably never be with anyone else in a serious relationship because she is commited to Rob heart and soul. So sad.

@ charlotte+crowder

Couldn't have said it better!! Go for her if that's what you want. Her mistake possibly made her realize what she has!!


Kristen please don't take him back

@ robin wrafter

Hey he is perfect


they were talking marriage

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