Rob Gronkowski Would Bang Tim Tebow

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Rob Gronkowski would have sex with Tim Tebow. Not really. But the Patriots star answered a tough question here about the Jets quarterback.
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Fuck Tim Tebow and fuck you too, Mary Brandt, you self-righteous intolerant bitch. The bible is a book of fairy tales and god isn't real.


Welcome to 2012 lady. If you don't want to wait until marriage that's none of your concern or business. So keep your 1845 views to yourself.


Mr. Gronkowski is gross. Thank God for men like Tim Tebow, who want to wait until he is married. If more men would be men and wait until they were married, there wouldn't be so many unwanted pregnancies in this world. Some men don't even pay child support and the government has to take care of their kids, or the mom kills the baby by having an abortion, and Yes, it is a Baby. Tim Tebow is a godly man, who believes in the Bible and follows it. This world needs more men like Tim Tebow. Stop making fun of him and his beliefs.

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