Rihanna's official music video for "We Found Love." Watch it now!

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ohhh sorry babe ill wash my ass out nxt time.xhey soz bwt last night but that ass wank we had was good but sorry i wasnt manly enough for you ( if you now wt i mean aka small penis) anyways next tyme i will give you the best dyam anal and bj you have ever experienced kk love ya lots tylerxxx


Im secretly gay but i love rihanna shes my hero. she seems to help me cope with being gay, i now have the courage to ask out guys i like .. i really wanna fuck this one guy named tyler, i mean we done it and all & i loved it except when i went to put my penis ( little ) in his ass hole ( hairy ) i found it a little stinky, but ohwell i ate it out anyways ! love ya babe tyler+Jaden = 4 ever & always

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