Rihanna - Pour It Up (Music Video)

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Music video by Rihanna performing "Pour It Up," and perform it she does. Aggressively.

I don't see any CLASS in TWERKIng that's discusting!!!! Whether it be Rhianna or Miley no wonder there's cooks out there trying to get into there homes for apiece no self respect! If I wanted to see ASS I would look at my own but I like music but I won't buy this one because it pertains to buying sex and going down UGH!


She is BEAUTIFUL ,SEXY, HOT & TALENTED, and she can do anything she wants i think this is Hot. if you look at it as art in is rarest form its great i see what she is doing some people may not like her so exposed but that is the chance she takes when she puts it out there like that i'm just saying I LOVE IT

@ Diamond

would u like to see my ass and breast for exchange for a pick or vid of your dick give me your email 😉and you will but you have to send something back


Oh my I love this!!!

@ Alyssa

Are you a lesbian or bi


Now that is how its done take notes Miley with your no ass about to break your back shaking it so hard self. Lol why so much Rhi hate? Everybody should have already known what to expect from this lady.

@ Linn

Oh, trust me when I say she ain't NO Lady!

@ Linn

You're so right! But, Miley is going be jealous of Rihanna, because, of the way she is built....


Funny how every girls post that I have read has been nothing but jealousy. This video was HOT! The song? Meh.

@ Funny2Me

yeah. Maybe rihanna can give Miley the phone number of her plastic surgeon..... Especially the one who did her breasts and ass!


wow, that sucks. the song sucks, the video sucks. that is seriously close to porn. and the sad thing is she has talent. her mom must be so proud. she needs to get off the drugs and quit hanging with the thugs. she has so much shit up her ass one day no decent man is ever gonna want her. she has no sense.

@ lilly

Wow, finally someone that's got some common sense!


WOW. This is gonna be out there for the rest of your life.


Does this song even have lyrics other the pour it out... Slowly but surely music videos are becoming softcore porn and soon it wlll be hardcare *some are...* I like her first album... now it's all garbage... still don't know how she's still making music....


Totally Gross! Yuk!!!


Okay Miley... I guess if your black or a thug you would like this song. This is what they call music today? I guess anyone can make music these days about stupid crap that makes no sense... WOW!!!

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