Ricky Romance Threatens Chris Brown

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Ricky Romance tells Chris Brown off in this video response to the singer's Twitter feud with Raz B, Ricky's brother. Dudes need to chill.
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Everybody really needs to relax and leave Chris Brown alone.He is humanjust like everybody else and some ppl is makin him out to be some kind of monster because he made a mistake.Where was a the attention when Ike Turner was kickin Tinas Azz?I read in the paper that a woman dunked her baby in a tub of scolding hot water on purpose becuz she had a potty training accident.Why isn't she on the news or the in the headlines of every newspaper?I'll tell you why because shes not in the public eye and she is not rich..thats why.Chris is a person that went through some things..im not sayin it was ok what he did becuz it wasnt.But not painting Rihanna to be somekind of angel she played her part as well she is no victim nor an angel.With that being said Chris is tryin to move on and overcome what happened n move on this his life and career STOP THROWIN THIS OLD SH!T..thats wrong.I LOVE YOU CHRIS dnt let these ppl tear u down.Just do you sweetie.

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