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Is Rebecca Black the next huge artist? Her official video for "Friday" has been viewed over five million times on YouTube.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0 (354 Votes)

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I will say this, this song makes me want to eat cereal.
Other than that...try again Rebecca!


I'm sorry, I don't idolize stars who only get a video because their mother paid for it. You want to be respected? Work like every other person out there. Granted, I don't like Justin Bieber but he's popular for his Youtube videos. Everyone actually heard his real voice.
I know not everyone gets into the music world without a little financial help, but please, if your 13 and your partying it with your friends on a Friday night, and the only thing I can remember from this song is "Partying" and "Fun" then you're not worth listening to a second time around.


aw.. admit it you have listened to it again and again.. and you say its awful? The song is far from perfect but its got ingredients for a hit.. a catchy tune. If the lyrics was given some thought.. it would have died in oblivion.. At 42 million and climbing.. its mind boggling stupidity, its screechy vocals, and its amateurish but nice video have contributed to it being a hit. If you take away any of that nobody would have bothered. at 13 rebecca is the new star of the internet.


nott many words can describe this video ... so here's a little poem. Roses are red, violets are blue, if Rebecca Black wins ANY awards, Kanye, u noe wat to do :)


words cannot describe that pile of shit.
i already know the days of the week you idiot!
that was fucking disgraceful.
your not going anywhere in the music industry you sound like a chipmunk!


I am about to hang myself and stick knifes in my ears.
This is why i cry myself to sleep at night.
Rebecca black is the Devil.


Does she really think were that stupid not toknow if saturdya is before friday... Friday... i get it already


Oh my gosh! Her voice is so amazing i love her im going to get posters of her and everything ima have her in my car when the cd comes out oh yeah make one with the rest of the week that could be next not even hahahahahahahahahahaha BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!


*throws up in horror* this song is everything that is wrong with this world


anyway as far as it goes why do you always re listen to it(everyone) if you hate it that much(you know you love it people)

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