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Ray J sings about hitting Kim Kardashian first in this amazing single. Listen now, folks!

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Ray J was arrested in May 2014 and eventually charged with 10 crimes. Among them? Sexual battery.

Ray J: Arrested After Hotel Altercation

Singer Ray J was arrested in Beverly Hills Friday night for an alleged altercation with police.

Ray J and Joan Rivers Sex Tape Parody

Ray J and Joan Rivers parody the former's sex tape with Kim Kardashian in this video. It's funny and it's scary.

Ray J Makes Fun of Kanye

Ray J makes fun of Kanye West in this TMZ video. He also speaks out on a new sex tape.

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why did he have to make this song about that stuid girl, the beat is good, the lyrics put me off.


Don't get what everyone is getting worked up about its a catchy song I like it and I still love Kim lol "I hit it I hit it I hit it I hit it I hit it firssstttt" lololll


I doubt he was "the first"!!!


Very disrespectful... if he cared about her he would've never done what he has done to her... he has made her life a living hell... leave it alone already,get over it!

@ Janice

Shame on him, he has a Sister and a mother, real MEN, don't kiss and tell, you look like a DOG. How would you fell if someone did that to Brandy, not goo right, get a life, Kim is moving on with her life, she must be someone special if the men in her past life can't go on with their life.

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