Raven-Symone Twitter Backlash

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Raven-Symone has come out as gay. And apparently some idiotic Twitter users are unhappy about that.

LOL this not about her being gay. who is stupid enough to believe that? ITS THE FUCKING INTERNET , ITS OBVIOUSLY A TROLLING AND MEMING . totally out of proportion by this sorry ass media. I dont dislike her for being a lesbian but hey its the internet, so that means i could congratulate her or be a retard and follow what everyone ales does (All of America) and say "childhood ruined". People are so stupid now in days.


We all loved Raven before we knew she was gay, now that we know, she is still the same person


I have no problem with raven coming out of the closet, i do however have a problem with the guy doing the interview saying "even if she shot up a shopping mall, I wouldnt say my childhood was ruined." comment uncalled for


I don't understand why your childhood is ruined. Most of your childhoods are over, she just came out... not during your childhood. Shes an amazing person. I cant stand people.

@ kaila

Serioulsy?! People can be sadly narrow and STUPID. Raven, kudos for being a fabulously funny and talented chick, and living your life on your terms. BE HAPPY.

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