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Rascal Flatts has penned this tribute song to Caylee Anthony. It's called "She's Going Places."

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Thank you Rascal Flatts, that was beautiful song for such a beautiful little angel!!!!R.I.P. sweet angel baby!!! Oh JACKIE EARLEY this is just your way of getting your much needed attention!!! People like you have no life!!! Besides shes probley the twin sister of casey anthony and will rot in hell right along with her!!! I will give you JACKIE alittle advice watch what you say, and who you say it too the world is pretty upset over loosing such a helpless and beautiful angel like caylee!!!


How beautiful...... Caylee baby your safe now, fear no more you precious angel and rest in heaven with the peace and love. The innocence lost will always remain in your eyes, butin the thought and prayers and outreach of love from around our nation will live on for you. You live in each of our hearts and minds. We will still fight for you and those of your family who truely lost you.


The song is written by Gary Levox ( Rascal Flatts) Cledus T. Judd, and Jimmy Yeary. Sung by Shane Hines. in tribute to Caylee. Check out the website of WQYK Radio. The details are there. It is a beautiful song/tribute to Innocence lost. and the horrible negative comment.....may God have mercy on you.


A beautiful song for a beautiful girl. RIP Caylee. May Casey burn in hell for what she did.


Beautiful song for an angel..As for Jackie she's thirsty for attention so lets stop giving her what she wants..she's obviously a low life and is the one who "Aint goin NOWHERE" just watch out for people like her because people like her are the reason inhumane acts like this happen..ur a sick person who needs help, seek it fast before its too late and oh..remember sometimes its best to keep your mouth shut before someone shuts it for u..RIP CAYLEE!!


First of all BEAUTIFUL SONG! Second Jackie you're A JACKASS. That child died young and will go more places than your sorry ass will ever go. That's the problem with the world now. You're clearly a misrable person. You need to just stick your head in a hole filled with dynamite.


I seventeen what this broad wrote but I lost my 18yr old son last year brain anurizm all I know is our children r irreplaceable! if u have nasty comments keep your trap closed nobody wants 2 acknowledge your existence. this little girl didn't ask 2 b brought into the world just 2 have that Bitch take her out of it..I feel 4 the family that loved this beautiful child whom that loved full heartedly. may she play in the fields of heaven with all the other children lost.


For one I think this is Rascal Flatts but it just sounds like Joe Don is singing and Jay who usually sings lead.
For two Jackie that was a cruel and heartless thing to say. Love this group or hate them it does not matter; what matters is a innocent baby is dead. She never got a chance to live her life and see what she could have been. You have that ability and she doesn't. It is not a joke to laugh about. This is serious business. How would you like someone putting up a comment like that about your child?! Grow up Jackie or keep your d@mn mouth shut from now on.


You know Jackie Earley....You are the most insensitive bitch in the world. If you would have looked at the end of the video, they didn't even write it. How would you feel if that was your child? If she's innocent, then she would like this song. Karma will come back and bite you in the ass one day for your immature comment.


omg...I will not give anything but the utmost respect fro Rascal flats...Awesome song, thanks for the tears and putting my day in perspective!! Do NOT give that jackie person anymore responses, she is not WORTH it..CAYLEE Lives on in my heart!!

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