Rand Paul State of the Union Response

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Rand Paul gives the Tea Party response to the 2013 State of the Union address by President Barack Obama.
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I absolutely agree with Rand Paul as well as the previous commenter. Rand gets it. As a small business owner and an American that has watched our country devolve over the past 30 years, we need people (citizens) to wake up and step up. Of course, most of those in the Capitol "country club" would prefer Americans remain with their heads buried in trashy TV shows or video games, while they implement self-serving edicts from on high. All someone needs to do (if they would just take the time) is replay the presidents state-of-the-union addresses from previous years to this last one. The number of times he contradicts himself and promises made in years past, or highlights promises that were not kept in the past, is truly shocking. What is just as shocking is the fact that legislators, who should know better, sit and applaud when they should recall the contradictory promises from yesteryear. Are they so nieve or are they that forgetful? Or is it all a big show for the foolish masses who pay the taxes and slowly lose their wealth as inflation eats it away?


I agree with much of what Mr. Paul says but don't have much hope that anyone can succeed against the money and might of the Washington politicos. We need another Ross Perot, someone who doesn't place party before country, but most of all we need an electorate that doesn't place self above all.

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