Rachel Frederickson Wins The Biggest Loser

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Rachel Frederickson won The Biggest Loser with a staggering 155 pounds lost of her 260. Is that going too far, though?
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She looks amazing! Anyone who says otherwise is prob just jealous because she looks better and skinnier than them. She looks thin, healthy, and beautiful to me!


I think she looks great! Why is everyone bashing the woman? Bobby looked just as thin, but nobody thinks he is too skinny. She worked her butt off and it shows! The show promotes healthy eating and exercise to lose weight. It is such an inspiration to many! leave her alone! If she is happy, then why can we not be?


She looks really sickly. She looks like she is in her late 40's. According to NBC's bio, she is 24 years old. Her hair and skin look very unhealthy. I don't watch the show so I tried to find out how long these people have to lose the weight. But something just does not seem right with Rachel's weight loss. My neighbor lost 110 pounds and has excess skin hanging in places. This skin does not go away over night nor in a few weeks. NBC needs to take responsibility for this show and post the facts behind the weight losses. Any respect I had for Jillian Michaels went out the window. Why would she be surprised at the change. She was supposed to be supervising this whole thing. I think there are some serious things going on behind the scenes that viewers should know about.

@ Sierra

As you said, you don't watch the show so why comment on things you don't know about. I agree she does look sickly and old and although I lost respect for Jillian many years ago (not for the show, but the numerous crappy endorsements) she was not responsible for this girl. There are 3 trainers on the show and there is a time where the contestants are on there own before the finale. So like the audience, this was the first time any of them got a chance to see them for awhile. It's clear that this girl probably took a diuretic before the show for even a more dramatic weight loss, I just hope they follow up and give an update a few months from now to see where she is in her journey.


She looks anorexic now!! One extreme to the other. I love this show, but for Rachel....eat a burger and put on at least 10-15 pounds...THEN you will look healthy!!

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