Rachel Crow is not really a rock star. But she gave it her all with this cover of the Rolling Stones.

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lets go Rachel,keep up the good work..u got this!!i believe Rachel will have the best success out of all the contestants,she's a mini Raven Simone to me and i can see her havin a successful Disney show and doin her music,so lets go Rachel!!!


Simon keeps choosing the wrong song for Rachel . She is my favorite but i probably stop to watch the show . Simon Cowell ,out of touch ,is going to make Rachel loose because of his poor choice of song .
Too bad , because Rachel is exeptional .


Well, I got lots of satisfaction...From your perfomance Miss Rachel. You had my entire family rocking girl. Are you a rocker? No, but you completed the assignment for the week sweetie pie, and brought lots of smiles and lots of people to their feet...And that gets you an A+.

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Rachel Crow is 13 years old and hails from Boulder, Colorado.If she wins the five million grand prize, Rachel says she'll move her... More »
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