Rachel Crow - Can You Feel It

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Rachel Crow covers "Can You Feel It" in this video. The young singer has done very well for herself on The X Factor.
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So proud of you Rachel Crow...


this is a nice video !!!!!!!!!!


Rachel is a good singer but she could never win this contest. Nicole couldn't decide, so she let America decide. America did not vote for Rachel, half of u boohooing about it probably didn't vote for her; too many much more interesting people to vote for right? Sorry all the cutesy stuff with Rachel was nauseating at times.


Nicole, that was a really good way to make people really DISLIKE you. You absolutely don't belong there as a judge.

@ gooby

We are very proud of you "RACHEL CROW"...XOXO '


My heart goes out to Rachel Crowe. Nicole each to be ashamed of herself for not making the obvious choice. This thing off was between Marcus and Rachel. Marcus was fine but Rachel blew him away. That's what Nicole needed to judge. Her decision was not about talent between two singers in this sing off, but her feelings and animosity against Simon. This contest is not about judges and their feelings toward each other but about the performers and the talent they display. Nicole ‘s decision was not between two singers, but between her & Simon. That's a travesty. The show should be about performance and not about vengeance between judges . Nicole you need to be ashamed of yourself to allow your personal feelings about Simon to affect your judgment about talent.


Rachel is a pure ray of sunshine, I adore her and she is going to be a world known star. I also was not crazy about the Michael Jackson song Simon choose for her. I have noticed that when she makes her choice of music the joy comes out in her because she feels every note. At this piont in the competition it's time to let her shine with her choice of music.


Love this kid, just not her singing this song. Think America will agree and giver her another chance based upon an obvious poor choice for her

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