Rachael Jeantel in Court

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Rachel Jeantel was Trayvon Martin's friend. By testifying at George Zimmerman's trial she has become an Internet star. In a not-so-great way.
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Fuck both of those previous comments. If she was some blonde hair blue eyed white skinny bitch from the south, she wouldn't face this much criticism. She would be cute, and shy, and whatever else u ppl would use to dismiss her inexperience and/or immaturity on the stand. America has a real problem with race. You guys are intolerant, ignorant, and have this superiority complex. That is why the world hates u ppl. Thank God I live in Canada. USA is an awful place and the racism the white people there perpetuate is disgusting!!!!

@ Mel

Don't act like race isn't a two way street black people are racist too.


I hear that she and Treyvon were going to team up to do cancer research and finally beat that refractory tumor issue.

@ Jake

Canada is full of self important, self loving, bigots. I’ve lived there! It’s also an ugly, uninteresting place with an identity complex. Canada is the red headed step child of the Americas. No one wants to play with you and no one really likes you.

@ Jake

She's nothing more than an illiterate hood rat that we will give welfare to the rest of her life.

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