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We already know Robert Pattinson can act and look handsome. But check out this brief video. The stud muffin can sing, too!

the first time i saw Twilight I fell in love with the song Let Me Sign. I would listen to the song over and over on the DVD. It was not untill long after thet I found out it was him. I pictured a black blues singer or somthing. I was shocked it was Rob singing! I'm not obsessed with him for his looks, like these shallow fans. But his voice struck a cord with me. I'v tried to find all of his
music and love most of it. If he was not a movie star, or good looking and only made indie music, I would still love his voice. And buy his album.


He sounds like he is trying too hard. That is how I sound when I try to sing like someone who has talent, lol. He seems like he is trying to channel Bob Dylan and Gavin Degraw and it just comes across as slurred words to an average musical track. I wouldn't pay money for it. But he is an actor so the fact that he doesn't sound like Gilbert Godfried is a plus.


i guess he's okay with singing


OMG rob is amazing he is God.s gift to us,whover thnks less IS DEMENTED!


... u really are fascinating!...ilove watching ur movies sooo much!!...its reaaly inspiring!!...u ROCK!!! keep it up!!


robert sucks......

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