Protesters Against Adam Lambert

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We can't believe people like this exist. Look and listen to protesters outside an Adam Lambert concert this week. We just feel bad for them.

I have a question for Adam Lambert Does he loves Greece 'cause I am from there..and I hope it is not bad, but I am 10 years old and I'm love with him...
Adam Lambert, please, can you make more songs for the peaple who loves you ?


I think that Adam is great and i'm christian 2!!!! He has an amazing voice!! I love Adam! I think there is absolutley nothing wrong with the way Adam is.

@ Kyrstal

I believe when his going to be old keep have this wanderfull voice! <3 =]


I´m christian and I LOVE ADAM!!! And God loves him too. God is LOVE. he does not
hate anyone.. that´s written on the Bible.

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