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This precocious little star taps to the beat of her own foot, and no one, and we mean no one can stop her!

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I agree, that was terrible. If i were that dance teacher id throw that little hood rat out of my class and GLADLY give her parents their money back.

@ me

Well isn't the world lucky you're not the instructor of the class. I'm sorry when your did raped you he took your innocent and you lost your joy and can see anything past your tainted eyes. but I know who you are and I know your mom. She is profiting off the tapes where your dad is doing you.


She is VERY cute! However, it might get to be an issue later as dance has a lot to do with self control (including paying attention!). It's clear that she genuinely enjoys dancing though and isn't being forced like some--that's great! :)


Lol that was adorable.


you are still surprised why Michael Jackson was black too?


Lmaoo she is too cute...she was just all over the place with the craziest faces


What? She sucked. Little brat who didnt know the moves. Which, if she'd of freestyles great, that would be good, but she just sucked.

@ Default+Setteen

She's a little girl you dick! She has more heart than you ever will.

@ Shonta

Lol, well said.

@ Default+Setteen

She is 3 you piece of shit

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