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Kanye West took a shot at Pink backstage at the VMAs a few years ago. His diss was recently made public, but it's all good, she says.

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Pink is sooooo fine


That kayne pest is wack ass hell. Worst r&b artist ever fake ass nigga. Who the hell does this clown thinks he is. They should of kept his jaw wired shut for good. Corny ass dude


P.S. I love Pink!!!!


Pink would be cool with it. This is really not news. He didn't say anything negative about her personally and it was four years ago. I know that may Something a person complained about four years ago, really? Sharon Osbourne's opinion is just that, an opinion. Everyone has one, just like a__ holes. Kanye is definitely talented -- extremely so. Justin and Swift are brilliant? Really? Justin is talented, but sings and acts like thousands of other people in Hollywood. He does not write or produce anything creative or innovative generally, so how is he more brilliant, than let's say Bruno Mars, John Legend, etc. Swift is the entire package. Justin Bieber thinks he's a Black man because he is closely linked to Black friends and handlers. Sounds a bit racist or at least bigoted to me. In other words, no decent white child/male should be behaving as Justin is behaving. Who cares what she says? Her family has definitely had its problems. They look like freaks when you really check them out. They are lucky to be on American television.

@ DJ

Kanye is definitely talented-extremely so- No he`s not. He sings like thousands of other people in Hollywood! Your words. Justin Bieber is a spoiled little boy and he acts like a little boy too. He needs to grow up or he`s going to have a rude awakening! Who hasn`t had family problems. Everyone has. Sharon might have used better words but she was on the right track.


I love Pink!! No matter what color she is!!!


"If you're ugly inside,you're ugly outside!"


Pink is a class act. I didn't expect anything less from her. Kanye on the other hand is a self righteous douche bag.


Pink takes the high road and is so classy. Kanye West is not.


He has v er y big n outh with very big eagle only person thats right is him he needs to look at his imperfect girlfriend

@ valarie

WTF did you say? Is that even English???


Kanye just likes to stick his nose into other peoples business. Why? you might ask. I think he's compensating for having such a small penis.

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