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Piers Morgan and Larry Pratt go at it on CNN over guns and gun laws.

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I don't usually make comments however after reading some on this page someone had to be the voice of reason! Pierce Morgan is a grade A liberal douche bag just like a lot of you who walk around with this moronic notion that guns are so bad and if we could just wipe them off the street all this gun violence would just go away. Why don't you guys just stop following your stupid little talking heads like Morgan and do your own research and fact finding and look south of the boarder!!! Yeah those strict gun laws work out great in Mexico huh! Or how about DC where we have the toughest gun laws in the country........ Yep that's right they also have an unbelievable amount of crime! You don't need to fear ppl who follow the law you have to worry about the ppl who don't, so what in gods name makes you think criminals are going to follow this particular law that makes then turn in their firearms! Taking guns is a criminals wet dream, now he can rob your house, assualt your wife and children and he doesn't have to worry about you shooting him anymore! Oh yeah you liberals sure so have this one right don't ya? Stop relying on people for info pick up a damn book and read and make your own intelligence conclusion instead of repeating this garbage!


This in fact was a valid argument, outlining for and against all guns. Yet it has been high jacked to go against the USA constitution, by their right; to bare arms, which to honest here, is not Larry Pratt's fault. Piers Morgan, would be well advised to stay out of American Politics, as he is ill advised as to their concept in relation to mass opinions. The right to bare arms, say's it all end off: Whom are we to change views, be they right or wrong as us Brits see it. We have had our own massacre's in UK, even with considerably high density gun laws, which to our detriment, has and does not work. Education is the only answer, because believe me or not, there are people out there this day, willing to press the world destruction button at whim.


Let all you sons of Uncle Sam buy as many assault weapons as possible. Wipe yourselves out. Do you know what the colloquialsm "Pratt" means in England? Does your Pratt have grandchildren? Would he like to see them laying in pools of blood? Dangerous? This guy is moronic filth. Really speaks volumes for your constitution. Tobacco, potatoes, McDonalds, AIDs, and now Pratt..... Thanks a bunch. The home of the brave, and the land of the demented. Happy Christmas.


Is Larry Pratt a supporter of terrorists against the US? Its ironical that the US will blow apart a muslim carrying a gun in Afghanistan in the name of "Protecting US Citizens" and yet provide a legal status for its own citizens to perform the same act on each other within its own borders. I agree with Piers Morgan. Pratt is an idiot!


My question to the english twit would be ....why did england have to re arm its police? could it be the criminals still have guns? the logic and facts dont seem to affect the liberal mind set nor the NAZI led left in this country

@ lee miserables

Re-armed? You are so ill informed. Not all our Police are armed. Indeed, very few are, and are highly trained and responsible, unlike your shoot to kill constitution. USA... Bringing misery to Gods earth. Why are our soldiers dying in Afghanistan to support your political aspirations? My local shopkeeper is a Moslem, and he is as British as the rest of us. Just go away, don't get involved in world politics and collapse into your own plastic greed infested capitalist cesspit of a society. If your country, Russia, China, and North Korea would just behave like San Marino, the world would be a safer place. Once you know what you are talking about, please
feel free to revisit this site. Meanwhile, you appear to be as great a pratt as Pratt himself. As you know so much about England, and its law enforcement, you will no doubt know what being a pratt means here. Ha! Ha!Ha!
Happy Christmas.


So happy that England had such a surplus of pompous,
self important stuffed shirts that they could spare us one.

@ Jib Quinn

Yeah, Jib. When you or your Missus goes to pick up the kiddie from school, only to be found she has been shot through the head, think of us pompous, self important stuffed shirts, and thank God you are American...... Your culture is threat to humanity. Happy Christmas Jib. Wonder what you'd think tomorrow to come downstairs and see your family shot dead under the Christmas Tree. Common sense is not pomposity. Pratt.


Piers Morgan is a freaking DUMBASS!!! How is he still on the air? Oh wait, I know, because he's part of the liberal hippie douche bag media (and all of ther other liberals in our great country headed by the biggest idiot ever) that thinks gun control is the answer. These f*cking idiots have no freaking clue what the hell they're spouting out of there uneducated foul mouths about! Now let's think about this for a moment, just a moment. I'll make it short & sweet for you people who can't, refuse, are too stupid, to understand much of anything. Okay, so let's have this awesome "gun control" all these dumbasses are harping about & take the guns out of the hands of RESPONSIBLE gun owners so we can have some hoodlum break in our home & shoot us up & steal from us, & do harm to us, right? Now let's use a little of our common sence (I know that's rare these days, but bare with me) & think about it, do you really think gun control is going to stop the criminals from getting them & commiting crimes? Really? Now, think about it. Are you done? Yeah, I knew you still wouldn't get it. Piers & the dumbasses that think like him, including our nice president (cough, cough), GET A LIFE!! It''s life. Bad things have always & will continue to happen! We cannot foresse nor predict the future, nor can we get into people's heads to predict they're actions! It's just something that happens. Deal with it & move on. We (responsible people) do not have to be blamed & punished every single time something like this happens! GUNS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM, PEOPLE ARE!!!!!!!! Blame the guy who did the shooting, not the gun! Now you can go back to your meaningless, poor, pethetic lives & continue to bitch & complain about all the wrong things. Good night, and remember, calm down & breathe before you start jumoing all over this. XOXO

@ princessbecca

I agree, dear. Guns are not the problem, it is your people. Please stay at home, and avoid contact with rest of the world.

@ princessbecca

You strike me as a moron. Mass shootings would be reduced by banning assault rifles. People could still defend their homes from hoodlums using shotguns revolvers ect. but it would make a massacre considerably more difficult for some evil scumbag to commit. Pratt by name prat by nature, the man should be locked in a padded cell

@ Cockney Sparrow

Good on ya Cockney! Pratts, one and all!! May wipe themselves out, given the ratio of guns to the population. Rock on Darwin!! World peace can be achieved. Off for a McFag now. Happy Christmas!!

@ Cockney Sparrow

I know this will fall on deaf ears, but hear this... Assault weapons as they are catagorized by anti gun types are and have been banned in this country for many years...Hard to believe? An assault weapon is a handgun or rifle that is capable of full automatic operation....What people see is a very menacing military style semi auto rifle. It's black, so it must be bad. I have several weapons that are more powerful and deadlier than the so called assault weapon they talk about, but my weapons are of no concern to them....why? Maybe because mine have pretty wood stocks, not black ones. Oh, btw, my weapons have 10 round magazines that I can change easily. Bottom line, I don't advocate Piers being deported, I just feel he should not invent facts to suit his audience...tell the truth.

@ Mike O'Connor

"It's black, so it must be bad." You cretinous filth. Are you speaking for all of America here? Does your constitution allow racist scum like you to bear arms? You are one sick nation. Hope you wind up a victim of your own putrid venom. I can not believe you are of our species, Mike. If I had the power, I would section you and have you under lock and key for the rest of your time on Earth, because you area danger to all the African Americans in your country. You are appear to have the mind set of the type of American who would take an automatic weapon to a shopping mall and shoot every nigger in sight. I am so worried about you, that my conscience dictates that I will have to call the US Embassy at Grosvenor Square after Christmas so that they can put the wheels in motion to get you checked out. You are one scary American.

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