Piers Morgan Gun Control Rant

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Piers Morgan went OFF on gun control Friday in the aftermath of the Connecticut school shooting tragedy. You gotta watch this clip.
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Piers Morgan, seems incredulous when told that American citizens are owning guns to protect temselves from a tyranical government.
Mr. Morgan is either ignorant, stupid or living in la la land if he does not understand the reason for the low ratings, and the fear, of the government from the American people .
Try understaning Mr. Morgan, that the continual lying and misrepresentation from our supposed leaders (and I use the term loosly), has left no confidence in them, ergo, the desire to protect ourselves, and if necessary, with the same type of weapons that our government has put in the hands of our young children so that they can go into sovereign foreign countries to kill innocent little children in wars that have falsely been perpetrated to protect American people.
What a crock the US government has tried to cover us up with.
Mr. Morgan, you and all the others that are part of the evil One World scum, had better get down on your knees and ask forgiveness, tell the Creator of all humanity that you are all stupid, greedy, power hungry little people and that you are trully sorry and that you know you are a poor excuse for pretending to be human!


Piers Morgan must control his ridiculous exaggerated emotions. It is all about Piers Morgan. CNN must be desperate to improve the poor ratings of his show. Imagine Clint Eastwood throwing fairy dust at the bad guys in Dirty Harry.
Piers Morgan and Michael Moore will do well selling fairy dust in Great Britain. Piers Morgan has a very selective memory, he shamed his own country as editor of the Daily Mirror. America,don't take this asshole seriously, Britain doesn't.


Peirs Morgan, you sir are a complete idiotic asshole that has no place to speak in such matters. If you disagree with our constitution than take your ass back to London with your 35 gun deaths a year. Or better yet go to Australia your sister country and play with the gun problems there!


Freedom is not free. Answer is not to ban guns and take away our freedoms. Answer is to educate, regulate, and punish to the extreme those who violate the gun laws. This is the USA, not the UK, or Japan, or Canada. We have a 2nd ammendment for a reason. "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed".

@ Paul M

Looks like you skipped your history lessons,Paul. You are arguing to stick to a constitutional amendment. Looks to me that you constitution can be amended. In fact it was in 1934, Through the National Firearms Act of 1934. The gangster violence in general, and the Saint Valentine’s Day massacre in particular was responsible for this move. The US Brady act was sun settee through apathy. In 2008 the Supreme Court changed the gun control interpretation back. So maybe this stuff is not written in stone. It's the question of the intent of the minority lobby called the NRA, the National Rifle Association which was founded by a pair of Union soldiers in 1871, not as a political lobby but as an effort to promote the shooting of rifles. A goal of commerce over politics. So when you mourn your dead...maybe you can keep at least a clear historical perspective. Money has and will continue to drive any debate in the USA. It's all there in black and white.

@ Chris

I will agree that money flow is a driving force in politics. Sadly, you fail to understand what the NFA was not a measure to ban guns but to regulate gun sales. The Brady Act was signed in during Clinton to enforce a law that was already established. The 2nd Amendment is one of several fundamentally established promises the United States of America was built on and to remove it is to turn against the people. Go to another country if you disagree with what this country was established on!


Piers is correct. What americans need to do is either repeal your second amendment or tax gun owners to the hilt, if you do not have the courage to ban guns.
If you want to to fire a gun then make bullets $500 each.
Also suggest you have a gun buy back scheme where sane people can surrender their weapons and ammunition. Final question: Why should I visit the USA, when I could be shot in a shopping mall, church, theater, school, etc???
Peter from Australia.

@ Peter

Dont come to Oklahoma! Our State passed open carry. We also have concealed carry. We protect our own..... Its our way of life, bought and paid for by our fathers, sons , brothers, and yes even mothers and daughters . Freedom isnt free ask any European who lived in the WW2 erra. Japan didnt invade our soil for a reason. We were armed! We will always be armed . We are the largest military in the world , meaning armed civilians whithin our boarders. Do some research? Remember this is our country, our famillies , our cost and our pain . So your Aussie ass can stay home!

@ Peter

We don't want you to visit; end of story. Who do you call when there is a crime? The police? and why is that? Oh, it is because they are armed; if they were not and someone had a gun in the vicinity would you call them or someone who was armed? And while we are on the topic, aren't drugs illegal? Yet I still see them everywhere and I am able to obtain them; what is to stop a criminal from obtaining a gun illegally? This only prevents citizens who legally want to obtain their weapons and defend themselves. And before you say that the jerkoff in Newton, CT had those guns, he ILLEGALLY obtained them, i.e. killing and stealing from his mother. Another case and point, 2nd amendment referred to muskets. That may have been so, but a musket vs. a musket seems pretty even, therefore a semi-automatic weapon to counter another semi-auto seems reasonable (even back then, citizens were able to obtain cannons). I'm sorry they stopped making muskets and flint locked pistols, so this semi-automatic weapon will have to do (automatic weapons were banned in 1986 in the U.S.). And before you say we do not need these weapons, the framers of our constitution stated that it was to keep the government in check; do you think those rebels in Syria would need as much outside help if they were armed at all? Checkmate, no go wipe your face off.


To all the people who think Guns are not the problem. If it isn't guns... It is YOU. Your country. Your society. If 12000 gun murders a year are NOT related to guns then its YOUR people. If it isn't you, it is GUNS. Guns prevent gun deaths? No. Detroit, high gun related deaths. Across the river in Canada, hardly any gun related murders in comparison. Same people. Same area of the world. Same cars. Watch the same TV shows. Play the same video games. Eat the same food. DIFFERANT gun laws. Smarten up.

@ Canada

You are correct! We are the problem. Our problem.
Go to one of your rivers and play with your hockey stick if you know what i mean! We are gonna go and target shoot for fun at our rivers. Same people yeah ok. What right do you have to inject your foreign opinion on this matter. You dont live here, pay taxes here. I could go on, but what you need to do is just shutt the hell up and let our problems be ours asshole!

@ Al

Nice. Classy too. Your mother must be so proud.

@ Shirl

Shirl, you are correct, my mother would not be pleased with my remarks above. I should have been a bit more classy too. Since you brought my Mother into our differences, let me say to you that im a proud Veteran, from a proud state. Ive seen what weapons can do and felt all the emotions that go along with it. Shirl you can choose to believe what you want about if weapons are needed or not, i dont really care. Let me say this to you my Mother was very proud when she arrived at the airport to see me home. She knew i was in service for my country and was willing to sacrifice her only son on its behalf. I guess my question to you is who and why do you think i and many serve. Shirl while you are pondering that for a moment, i will tell you people serve for many different reasons. I served for many reasons, but let me tell you when and if you ever hold your right hand up and swear to defend your country against all enemies foreign or domestic that means to uphold your constitution with your last breath. Shirl this means our 2nd. Please dont say oh you were in the armed forces thats different, its one in the same to an old American fighting man. We dont get to choose what part we like and dont like. Political leaders will argue over that. We just go. I m pretty sure Shirl i have earned the right to disagree with a Canadian about weapons. I respect the rights of other countries to have them or not. I surly dont have a say in their laws or beliefs because i havent earned it. So with that said i hope you can understand that Canada can still shut the hell up.


Piers,i'm sorry to have to disagree w/you, but all the gun control in the world,will not stop anybody hell bent on doing this kind of distruction.remember,the good guys that carry have their weapons registered & locked up,its the ones that are obtained illegally that pull this kind of b.s.i'm a wife,mother & grand-
mother,& anybody that tries to hurt any member of my family,i'll take them out in a heartbeat! i don't
consider myself a violent person,but then you would
see violence.if i'm to protect me & mine,i'll fight to the DEATH!

Andy campbell
@ jackie schweiger

Two points - you're a WRONG and Piers is RIGHT.
Everyone considers themselves one of the 'good guys' even the nutters ! it's not rocket science IS IT ???? - All this debate highlights is the BASIC lack of intelligence of the people who support the gun lobby. Piers is getting frustrated, as we all are who can see the light. Quite honestly the only thing I would mark Piers down for is wasting his blood pressure on these guys. And THANK GOD we have a president who will try and lead us out of this without instituting even more violence. Let's all turn our attention to our young people and BUILD A BETTER WORLD WITHOUT WEAPONS AND VIOLENCE.

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