Phillip Phillips - "Home"

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Phillip Phillips takes American Idol viewers "Home" with this performance. It was his final audition of the season 11 finale.
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Home is not Phillip's original song. It's by Greg Holden


Jay, Rob...see Blah Blahs comment. During the performance I said to my wife that it sounded a lot like mumford & sons. Then Randy commented on it. Blah blah is spot on. "Awake my soul" is track 10 on sigh no more by Mumford & sons. It does sound a lot like that, however, they are uber talented so sounding like them is not a bad thing. after the show went off I popped the cd in for my wife and she said wow I really like this. Sigh no more is a great album and Mumford & sons are geat!! so id PP


I think Phillip Phillips is one of the best American Idols (not exclude Scotty McCreery & Carrie Underwood)we have ever had. He has a natural born talent that is all his and sounds like no one we have ever heard before. Not only that,he also shows determination and courage to sacrifice his health for his dream and also America. I liked him from day one and he showed a charisma that is only felt and comes from the heart. He is all heart and soul. My prayer is that he gets the best medical treatment, so he can continue not only his dream but also America's.


Jay, it's Phillip Phillips original song. No other artist sings this song. Anna, I hope he wins also, it's been long due for a different sound to come from AI instead of the power houses that win every year.


Sounds a lot like Mumford & Sons "Awake my Soul"


Who sings this song? (what artist?)


Awesome ready for him to finally win!

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