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Phillip Phillips takes American Idol viewers "Home" with this performance. It was his final audition of the season 11 finale.

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I am so sorry to read many negative and really hateful comments about any contestant. Both Jessica and Phillip gave their best.
Their style may not suit you but you don't have to bash anyone.
It takes all kinds to make the world go round. Congratulations Phillip, you remained true to yourself and as a fellow Southerner thanks for showing America a true gentleman. Always keep you beautiful spirit - It shows. Jessica - You are extremely talented and will go as far in life as you choose. Good luck to each of you.


Phillip is special, original. He puts his spin on whatever song he sings and is the most creative person on Idol. He's a cross between Dave Matthews, Paul Simon, Bono, John Mayer. I see him as a future influence in music, not a clone at all. He's so much more than just a singer. Jessica Sanchez is excellent. But at 16, she's already overly confident. She will do well. But, she was a singer, not the "artist" that Philip is.


Philip phillips' name is as repetitious and boring as his singing. He's white bread, makes monkey faces and so what if he's a Paul Simon Clone, hurray for his impersonation. Jessica and Jason are the true winners. Its also inappropriate and impartial for judges to give standing ovations to contestants and Randy needs to look for clothes other than Walmart's women's plus size department!


Good News Everybody... She is just a runner-up and can't pass the American standard but Jessica Sanchez is going to make her first album with Tommy Mottola... Thalia tweeted it and it is published in the Fox Latino News... I said it before and I say it again, she is going to be a powerhouse! BRAVO Jessica... As Thalia said it's a "MEXICANFILIPINO POWER"... All the way Jessica.. The world is hungry for you... This is your ticket for your first trip to the Grammys... America may have rejected you but the WORLD EMBRACES YOU...


This is garbage, this guy sucks. WHat is special about this performance or his voice? Any guy who isn't tone deaf could sing this song the same way he did. I don't get why he wins, this makes no sense.


@mds308 actually, you're wrong. Greg Holden and Drew Pearson wrote the song together for Greg to sing. Also, a lot of people are saying that it is Phillip's original song, so that's why those people stated that it was Greg's song.


thought it was great. sounds exactly like some paul simon as they said and john mayer songs. however anna better watch the end of that again, Randy leaned back to talk to Steven and then he stood up but her never nudged Jennifer's arm. She probably stood up because those 2 did but he never touches her lol!!!


Jessica will WIN this season of AI... If We are talking about the VOICE ... The Talent... she is a young DIVA that beat all this season 23 contenders for fame... But hey She is a minority in the eyes of AMERICAN PUBLIC... As we all know that American Idol will continue if Philip Phillips will win the title. it's OK for Jessica and to all the fans around the world especially the Filipinos who supported Her To be the runner up least she recognise and voted as part of the FINALE....HOW PROUD...MABUHAY JESSICA,,, ! For Philip congratulations.:)!


Hey Gary, guy below me.. we all have personal opinions.. but dude she's 16! She cant even buy a R rated movie yet! Im not a big fan of hers either but you gotta give more respect then that! Do I think she's the next american Idol.. no.. Joshua was the absolute best this season for me. I think she can blossom into an amazing artist once she finds herself, gets her heart broken a couple of times, live her life! 16 man! COME ON!


Who gives a crap who wins the final. Both of them already have tons of offers for contracts. And both will put out an album. I do like his style of music. Jessica seems like another one of those singers. At least he is different.

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