Phillip Lomax - Please Don't Stop the Music

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Phillip Lomax deserves major props for this performance. He had the guts to cover a Rihanna hit in front of Rihanna herself.
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This was a complete rip off of Jamie Cullum's version of 'Don't Stop The Music' which he conveniently said was his rendition. That pissed me off a bit when he took the credit for someone elses work.


Mr Reid, Yes he is commercially viable. Great choice to keep him in your top 4
Frank Sinatra made that style famous but that doesn't mean everyone singing with that style is imitating Sinatra. It's just a great style and the world is ready for this guy. Please have an album out soon.


He's freaking amazing! I love his version of 'Please Don't Stop The Music'!!!

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Phillip Lomax has an unusual style. He also has some guts: the singer auditioned with "Please Don't Stop the Music," with Rihanna looking... More »
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