Phil Robertson: Not Sorry For Anti-Gay Comments

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Phil Robertson will not be apologizing for his anti-gay remarks it looks like. Watch our report on the latest from the Duck Dynasty controversy.
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Hahaha the BIBLE is not wrong. Phil is so right on what he said. Sin is STILL SIN. But he is right! Team Phil all the way! #duckdynasty


Did she just say 20% of the world is gay?! Lol that chick needs to go headbutt an axe


Oops! I voted 5 stars FOR Phil Robertson's statement.
Then I watched the "commentary" and
wished I voted 1 star for the overall video. I don't agree AT ALL with the commentary.
But agree WHOLE-HEARTEDLY with Phil Robertson.


she is simply a moron, thought she was cute till she opened her mouth, and yes i aint no fag


Well in YOUR opinion his statements were wrong. You are nothing but an ignorant liberal and people like you are just pityful because you have no stability and religion to depend on.So obviously you haven't the first idea on any kind of morals. I am not disagreeing with gays I am simply saying that the way you ended the video was rude and un-insightful. Why are people allowed to publicly disagree with Christianity and not be able to disagree with homosexuality?

@ mikala

Excellent analysis. And the commentary was rude. Very rude.

@ Commentor

Mikala's analysis was excellent.
The Hollywood Gossip's (Brooke Burgstahler's) commentary was clearly "rude and un-insightful."


Okay I can't say that I agree with Phil, being bisexual myself, however, I respect his opinion. He's a good man to stand by his own beliefs, and I respect him as a person. He's not saying he hates gays, he's just stating what he believes.

@ Panda

Which he has the right to do, as does anybody.


God created us for his glory not ourselves His word clearly denounces homosexual behavior, so if we truly believe in God, we will obey this and other commands of his word. But the word also instructs us to love and instruct in love Phil gave them soul saving information which is worth more than he opinion of this world.

@ another opinion

Oh, so God is an egotistical megalomaniac then. Screw him.


Well, Im not antigay......but why is it that everybody has to love gay people?...just like you have a right to love them you should also have a right to give your opinion, or freedom of speech is solely for pro gay?....some people believe in GOD, some people dont. Some people accept homosexuality, some dont!!!, simple as that why must he be judged based on his opinion and belief??.....after all were all free to believe and say whatever we please.


And I meant to add, stay true to their God! Let God be true and all men liars.


Charlie Sheen is known to be a real jerk so who really cares what he thinks. Phil is 100% right and I'm glad he is not apologizing as it would be wrong for him to do so when he reconfirms what he believes; homosexuality as any immorality, adultery, etc., is a sin. Nice to see there there are still some real men out there who stand by their words. Too few of them today. Most are afraid of society and don't have the guts to stay true to their convictions.

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