Perez Hilton Statement on Fight: Part I

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Part I of Perez Hilton's reaction to getting his ass whomped by's manager. He sounds pretty outraged.
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Will.I.Am is a pretty cool guy.
Perez is fucking gay guy . . .
ooh so he cant take a hit ??? people takes a hit every day . . . and they don't cry about it . .. .like Perez did . .. I think that he needs to respect other people and leave them the fuck alone. he must understand that hes actions will have consequences, If I where Will.I.Am i would have kicked his lame ass up. . . when is this guy Perez gonna grow up . .. this is the real world his living in not some kind of violence-free fantasy he made up in his head. . . people get mad people get aggressive if they're being treated as shit. . this guy need to step out in the real world and take his first step's. he will be scared as hell when he sees all the "violence", and by violence I mean normal behavior . .. this is Kalle Writhing and peas out . .. .


ok so this guy is beyond stupid first of all yes everyone has there own opinion so then why did miss cali of whatever state she won for get yelled at by perez when she was stating her own opinion and feelings she has second i belive all you want is fame and fortune and thats why your doing this shit let me tell you i have no problem what so ever with gay people and i support them but damn perez just goes over the limit with it. completly stupid

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