Perez Hilton and The Fight

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This video was shot of the fight between Perez Hilton and It was a complete $h!tshow from the looks of it.

Perze hilton is the shit bitch who care if. He gay


Whose camera took this shitty video, ive seen better quality on a beta max.


perez hilton is a f*cking fa*got and needs to STFU and deal with the fact he isn't famous like the celebrities he talks so much trash about.Those people are very hardworking and talented..perez is jus a piece of sh*t.


Perez Hilton is a freaking drama queen...he's lucky didn't bust the the crap outta his big fine woman a$$!!! He needs to watch out who he calls a fag because some men don't stand for that $hit! Clearly Perez Hilton was looking for some type of attention, he claims confronted him inside the club and that he proceeded to call W a "fag" the TMZ video shows it was outside. Perez is a freaking liar, I don't believe anything that spills out of that tub of lard. Dlisted is waaay better!!!

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