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Paula Deen's awkward statement on her past use of racial slurs, which was pulled shortly after it was posted.

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She can call me a nigger all she wants.


I think this people are mean to Deen.. And I don't belive she saying thing like that .Its that person want her money ???


I guess having openly homosexual chefs on foodnetwork is acceptable, but a person says the Almighty N word and CNN makes it out to be as bad a sadam Hussein !!! For the good lord's sake .
It was said in private and many many years ago ??? Get real world
Lets worry about "criminals. Home land bombers, NOT A word sAid twenty years ago !!!! God Bless .. I FULLY SUPPORT PAULA DEEN !


HOW can you ask for forgiveness when YOU employ BLACKS in your restaurant all these years and expect them to forgive you!? I'm born and raised Catholic, " A PROUD Yankee" and believe in what I was told. I later learned on my own how cruel the "South" was to the negro/black slaves" I never understood how people could treat other people the way they did just because their skin was different than ours. I was raised in an environment with NO SLAVES, didn't believe in them and still don't. I have always heard, and Paula proved it true, "once a Southerner always a Southerner.!!!!! I REALLY hate to say that because I have always loved Paula's shows, NO MORE!!!!!!!!! There are many others to learn from. Thank you...............................

@ Laurel

Yes she did employee blacks . If she HAD NOT , then she would have been racist ... She didn't OWN them .. Retink your Yankee mentality , from a Yankee , don't make northerner 's out to be Better than thou... SLavery was alongggggg time ago , people need to STOP USING RACE CARD ..


Every white person or other races in the south or other parts of the country have used the -N- WORD and probably still does from time to time its called freedom of speech. Not only that Blacks (African Americans) uses the word as part of their language and culture jokingly or sometimes not so jokingly everyday of their life. I think the word is offensive when it is used in a negative tone and that goes for any other race and blacks as well. Calling someone STUPID to demean them is just as bad if called N---------! if it is meant in the same way. By the way I am Black also.


The media is making wayyyyyyyyyy too big of a deal about this.


I thought her comment was for real. but it seems chopped up by maybe YOU!!


This has gotten way too far out of hand, paula made comments that are not acceptable but we all make comments behind closed a 42year old Black American woman. I like paula and im not holding this against her. I'm curious to know who this employee and how all this come to be.I feel bad because now she has lost her job, I don't know if paula would be able to come back from this very sensitive situation. Some people say she is a racist others say she is prejudice! I say whatever paula feels about black people within her heart she knows whats right and wrong! This is all unacceptable I hope she can overcome this situation unfortunately for the black culture we will never overcome ones feelings about our skin color. May god bless her.

@ Tyronicia Miller

ITs not about the color of your skin. Its about your attitude! I Dont think people are racist about how dark your skin is but about the black culture.


My dad was born in 1927 and raised in the south to a family that had formerly owned slaves. He NEVER used the N word or demonstrated any racial prejudice. There is no excuse for Paula's behavior, but I hope she truly has learned a lesson.


There was nothing wrong with that apology. I don't understand why such a big deal is made out of a Caucasian making racial slurs when it seems perfectly okay for negroes to make racial slurs against Caucasians. I don't hear any apologies from them. What's up with that?

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