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Paula Deen appears here on The Today Show. She's acting a bit goofy, isn't she? Or maybe a bit drunk?

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Kathy you cannot say one word of how you fill any more.or you"ll have a big fat lawsuit against you.


Uh, yeah, no. That is just how Paula Dean is. That bawdy wackiness made her famous, y'all.


clearly drunk!! she needs AA. Al did a good job ignoring her unprofessionalism. Balls......Really??


That's how she normally behaves, and that's why some of us like her - because she shows her true self to us - warts and all.

@ Frogmore

Yes BALLS!!! ever heard of Meat Balls??? She is talking about chicken balls. And NO she is not drunk that is how she is, ever seen her show?


Drunk? No. That's her normal personality. .maybe a little dominating..But consider the heat, and also that she is a diabetic. The combination could produce the same apparent result as having a couple of drinks. Her coordination didn't appear affected. Not trying to make an excuse, but a probable cause of her apparent tipsiness. Maybe a little goofy for her.


Paula Deen acting goofy.....imagine that!

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