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Paula Deen has apologized a second time for using racial slurs, and this time at least sounds somewhat contrite.

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I think she really feels bad for what she has done. Her career it's crashing down. I think they're making a huge deal about it. It's not like Black ( African American) had made racial comments about white people. I'm a Hispanic person and most of the time Black ( African American) had called me wet back with out me being one. You can really hear sincerity in Paula's voice everyone makes mistakes. I don't make a huge drama about it, when I hear racial comments about me and most of the time it come from Black people ( NOT TRYING TO BE RACIST, SO DON'T TWIST MY WORDS). So why care of something that can come out of any single person mouth . Don't worry Paula they just making drama just because you're a celebrity. Come on people it's not the end of the world. Move on with y'all life's.


Every white person or other races in the south or other parts of the country have used the -N- WORD and probably still does from time to time its called freedom of speech. Not only that Blacks (African Americans) uses the word as part of their language and culture jokingly or sometimes not so jokingly everyday of their life. I think the word is offensive when it is used in a negative tone and that goes for any other race and blacks as well. Calling someone STUPID to demean them is just as bad if called N---------! if it is meant in the same way. By the way I am Black also.


No food network r people of color is not being to tight but saying to everybody white , blk, green it don't make a dam different stop and think before u open your mouth, when ugly nasty shit come out. People know at home u talk like that and in your place of business as well. Any persons of color that continue to work their r eat their support this kind of back wood thinking and don't want nothing to change from slavery. The people that continue to eat and work their u know how they feel about your people. New flash don't start the race shit slavery been over and alot of people will not put up with that. so start getting it right


Hang in there baby I;s gonna be ok the press always twist things around your loved in Ga. and world wide


love ya paula


@ cindy paula dean is not the show to be watching hook on phonics is the show for you and to the people who say they are not going to watch the food network ok that your choice the world do not end because you don't watch their station


Well if Paul goes I will no longer watch the food network

@ Carol

the food net work needs to stop being so harsh there;s people who support this rap crap about nasty things let theyr kids listen to the awful things in rap music and tey wanna punish her for something like that? same on you.controll the nasty things in the rap and leave paula alone.


ummm I think the black community should sue covergirl or any other cosmetic brand, because they use the word negro. Negro is a color of a skin. negro is black in Spanish, Nways people are just way to emotional


I love Paula Deen and will no longer support Food Network if her programs are not broadcast. Paula is my favorite!


I think its total bullshit its not like sges the only one in the freedam workd especially on tv that has made or said anything racial it is what it is paula dean was loved by alot of people and i for one will no longer watch or support foodmetwork until they bring her back got food net work magazinze if there truly getting rid of paula dean they can stick there fiod network and there magazine up there ass bring back paula dean she was the only dam decent one on there . We love u paula i was a true food network fan guess thats changed now an appoligy should have been good enought

@ Cindy

This is the most outrageous post. People have to be held accountable for their actions and their words especially when on tv. Food network did the RIGHT thing. An apology doesn't right a wrong especially when it is not sincere. If she feels a certain way about African American people then she should have been smart enough to keep those feeling off the air. But Cindy I guess I can see the reason in racist viewers who feel the same not wanting to support the network. Black people we still have a long way to go. Racism is not longer and Cindy's statement just further proved.

@ Offended viewer

Sounds like payback in your book? Look at the continuing racist views of Al Sharpton(MSNBC) Don Lemon (CNN) Samuel L Jackson Morgan Freeman. and many others. What you have in your favor is a Black President a racist mainstream media and the fact that corporations are scared to death of offending minorities. Nothing stays the same and neither will this. Bigotry shows many faces as you are one! Your race is in chaos. Your black mothers 70% are raising their kids on their own because your males don't take responsibility. You can't walk into the public without hearing the word MOTHERFU*KER come out of your mouths. You always blame the white race! Yours has no respect for themselves and many young whites are lowering their own standards like yours do. They will be shuned. How a race must feel when everyday people really don't want to be around you. You are a wreck and you have been that way for generations.

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