Patricia Krentcil Tanning Arrest

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Patricia Krentcil of New Jersey was arrested for taking her toddler tanning. That's amazing on so many levels. Here's a news report a about it.
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Tanning looks good, but not when its taken to the extreme. I mean her skin just looks horrible!


I agree with Sasha. She is obviously addicted to this process - possibly through low self-esteem. It is very sad and she should seek help. Spray tans, tanning salons, or simply people laying out in the sun to scorch has reached epidemic proportions. A very light tan can look attractive - but no more than that otherwise people will begin to look aliens. It is incredibly unhealthy and peoples' bodies were not made to accept these processes - hence the rise in skin cancer all over the globe.




This woman just breaks my heart. It is obvious she has mental illness. Just look at her! It is sad. She doesn't look 44. She looks 64. Actually, my Dad is almost 64, and doesn't have nearly the wrinkles she has. How sad. It makes you wonder what happened in her life to make her feel so insecure that she does this to herself.

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