Party in the USA Performance

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At the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, Miley Cyrus sung her new single "Party in the USA." She danced on a pole - just like any normal 16-year old, right? - during the performance.
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Well, she did mention "Britney". =/ In a typical 21 and up club there would be go-go dancers and such. With her being, it looks like, 16 it would not be appropriate. But, yes there are kids out there who are doing much worse and with the images that television shows and movies portray it's not uncommon for teens to dress like sluts and act like one, but that does not necessarily mean that they follow through with becoming one. There is a little bit of every characteristics in us. Hopefully, Miley grows to become 'sexy and sophisticated' instead of a sexy mess.


i dont think its much of what she did just when she did it. she has many youung kids who look up to her and dont need to think thats the right way to act


guapa guapaaaaaaaaaaaaa


mi fan naver one


love for yo miley tus canciones las mejores songs en inglis


i think that was awesome!


are we kidding? this is barely a pole dance,okay yeah she bends down? uhmmm ok? since when is that a problem? girls at her age are doing much worse,and they arent getting tons of publicity for it? its not any different for miley. so seriously just leave her alone bc she just wants a normal life and all she needs is being called fat and a hooker? ok right,bc girls her age are all angels in turtle neckss. k cooooool.


The thing that was wrong with it was that she was doing hip thrusts while wearing short shorts. It made her and her back up dancers look like they were trying to sex teases.


i love it she is a great singer i think it was great what she did it went with her song

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