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Part II of Paris Jackson's June 10, 2012 sit-down with Oprah. Michael would be proud of his daughter, without a doubt.

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Hello Paris!! I am so glad that MJ was your loving father. the way you talk about him reminds me of my mother who is in Heaven. As regards to him , I wish I could of been his apprentice. I was watching all his recordings that could be see by the public. I practice day and night and still do. Once he was done with fame, he would of made a excellent teacher in the Music Industry! Like you- I hope to follow in his footsteps as well. Long live your father in Heaven. Now He can sing with God's angels and bring them joy too! :#


Paris myson is w your dad,i,m happy hes with him.I loved them both sooooooooooooooo much.xoxoxoxoxoxo


This man did it to himself. If he really wanted to fade away from the world,do you really think he would still stick around for all this attention? HELL NO! He LOVED all the attention he was getting. That is why he never married; he wanted the attention all to himself. I wish he did go to jail, so he could have gotten rapped like a real woman that he wished he could be! Michael Jackson and his family remind me of the toads on thumbalina; you can never get rid of the mother fuckers!


This family is sick fuckers, who are blood thirsty for your attention. Do not be tricked into their pathetic lies. I pray you guys will see the truth one day. I see them as vampires, who bite into people, to turn them over int such delusions.


Paris Jackson is a spoiled little brat, who gets everything handed down to her. It must be so difficult to being born rich. Oh my yes, we are so dreadfully sorry, you have such a hard life. The only thing I do feel sorry is she was born to the biggest faget freak, who fucks little boy who knows, probably young girls too, but we do not have any proof. You Fans make sick that you protect a sick fucker over innocent children. why do you think he got so famous, so he could catch in his web of lies that he has made.

@ Mika

wtf man u are a asshole u dont know wont the have been through so go fuck urself


Paris Jackson is a very polite,well-spoken young lady. Michael Jackson did an amazing job raising his kids. What's to hate??? Jealousy is an ugly thing.

@ Liz


@ jenna thoughts exactly. Haters always make themselves known. People that really hate themselves are always the first ones to pass judgement. Why? Because something within themselves is full of hate. Paris is a very "beautiful" girl....just based on that alone I can see why some people resort to hating her.


i love you paris.


paris m'enerve a faire des interwue et a dire que michael jackson et son pere alors que ce faut ce mark lester son pere et elle ne resemble pas a michael et en plus elle et grose avec son grosse fesse qu'elle degage et elle se maquille beaucoup elle m'enerve je veut plus la voir cette gamine


P.J. Do not listen 2 all the negative thingz that's bn said about U. There probably just jealous cuz of them not livN yr fabulous life/home instead of the fact that U can use a true frieNd 2 understand what U N yr family R goiN through,
i like yr father BTW;)
Plz stay strong!
I'm telliN U as a person who knows how ppl can B!
N it's not that ppl luv 2 bully U, they mostly do it 2 cover up their pain their goiN through 2!
Notice it's a lot difficult 4 them struggling on life than it is 4 U. You were amaziN in this interview:)
YaLLTakeCare!^u^ telliN U as a FriENd not a fanatiC


MJismyromeo, while you're at it, why don't you pull out a few strands of her hair so we can get a DNA test on that phoney.

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