Paris Hilton walks out of her interview on Good Morning America in July 2011. Here's the footage and the reason why.

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    Hi. I've known Paris well before. Kim. I've. Also met Paris. Hilton a couple of times in new York city! She's really. Sweet!


    I can relate with Paris. P.s. Beverly bills. Is a great place to visit! My former boyfriend. Lives in Elizabeth Taylor's. Former mansion. There. Plus Los Angeles is a treat now and then. Its more fun to watch Paris than Kim. Las Vegas is fun too! Took a leer jet one timscrom l.a. see ya!


    Paris is my favorite fan! She's fun to watch! The question that was asked seemed like. A put down. How else would you expect her to feel? I watch Paris all the time. .. I hardly ever watch Kim. Sincerely kat


    Hi. I admire. Paris. Hilton. I have a lot in common. With her! She. Is pretty to look at. I like her lifestyle, I enjoy always. What is happening with her! In my opinion, the questions that were asked, seemed like a put down. So. How. Could anybody respond. To such a question? Also. I. Watch Paris. Alot more than Kim kardashian. I always have and Paris was in the limelight well before. Kim! I do not think Kim steals the show! Sincerely kat


    give her a break, she's not asking you for anything, you asked for her time, and berated her with your question of whether she's been trampled down by a 3 sister empire, she was UPSET and left gracefully, would you like her to pull a lindsay and say eff you ???
    you were a guest in here house, and she was a gracious hostess.
    lots of paris love and respect here. she still has fans, even one's who are 27 year old moms who's grandmothers buy you her parfum's on christmas :)

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