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Amazingly, Paris Hilton actually has done drugs. Here's visual evidence.

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Paris Hilton Music Video - "Come Alive"

Paris Hilton has unveiled the official video for "Come Alive." It includes a unicorn.

Paris Hilton - "Come Alive"

Paris Hilton has released a new song titled "Come Alive." We really wish this weren't true.

Leonardo DiCaprio Avoids Kardashians

DiCaprio avoided the Kardashians at a recent event. The star reportedly wanted to avoid ending up on the family's reality show.

Paris Hilton's Brother Suing Lindsay Lohan

Paris Hilton's brother is in a huge fight with Lindsay Lohan after she allegedly ordered the crap beat out of him.

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TINA guess what, I DO like her and that video is soo fake it is untrue! the links are not even inthe same shot and it proves nothing!!! Leave her alone she is adorable and lovely i have met her a couple of times and is a very nice sicnere person! I support her 100% in all she lives for and does, keep up the good work hon, you have my FULL support!


Paris is a slut,she is retarded and she thinks that shes all that???Well guess what "NO ONE LIKES YOU"??????IM SERIOUS

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