Oregon Students to Be Charged Over Snowball Attack?

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Students in Oregon are under investigation after pelting a professor with snowballs. Learn more here.

nowballs are not usually dangerous, and snowball fights are great. There's always those idiots who take it too far. Its not ok to gang up on a car and hit it with snowballs especially when that person visably does not like it , honking etc. Dont make it sound as innocent as just kids having fun...should they be fined? My kid wouldn't hit someone or their property that weren't willing participants in said game. That person did not sign up to be in a snowball fight and its not ok to make people feel unsafe, scared and can cause ppl anxiety. Its truely wrong to do, it could aggravate a disturbed or already upset person to be violent. Why are you suprised someone got so upset ? Im suprised all he did was get out of his car. People react in different ways when cornered. A traumatic past or anything they cant cope with, causing someone to have a post traumatic situation from ptsd. People have been killed for less by a unstable person reacting to something normally harmless. If a player was involved, fine him. They're even on campus.. penalize!!!!! Its an arrestable offensive if someone were to press charges .Kids look up to them and they should set a good example if you dont want that job dont be a player. This is something that only immature kids that are disrespectful , young and spoiled would do. Doesnt look good for our college and this isnt the only irresponsible thing done lately. If the students and players keep it up noone will have respect for our school. Its not about if someone could be killed its about respecting eachothers space

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