Oprah Winfrey teased fans for days over a certain family secret. She reveals it in this vide: she has a half-sister.

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This is an aeuolstbly lovely shot Christina! I love the pretty field. The dresses are adorable. This makes me want little girls : ) Beautiful!


Miss Winfrey I am so happy for you and your family. I have step , half and regular ( That is as regular as possible) siblings. They all mean the world to me. I may have a brother or sister somewhere in Vietnam . My real Dad would send pictures home from there of a pregnant girl. He would never say yes or no to being the parent. I think of that child, now an adult, all the time. I just pray that he or she is happy and safe. I am very Happy for you. Your sister seems to be a very nice lady. I wish you both the best and hope you can bond closer than you would have ever dreamed of. God bless and good luck to you and all of your family.

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