Oprah Winfrey, Half-Sister

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Oprah Winfrey sits across from a woman named Patricia in this interview. She's the talk show host's half-sister, a fact Oprah herself only recently discovered.
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This is an aloelutsby beautiful post..I would love to share it with a friend whose mom is in the later stages of alzheimers..you put wonderful words to a scary concept..it is breath taking. thanks.


It's a miracle and a blessing for Oprah and Patricia to be reunited, God was in the plan for this revelation. I'm so glad her mother lived long enough to see the child she put up for adoption and pray all wounds will be healed. God bless you


The one dark spot on this happy story is the idea that Vernita declined twice to meet with Patricia. Even through she claims that she "went back to the hospital for the baby" it does not minimize the fact that years later when "the baby" reached out to her, she was unavailable and declined to meet with her. Patricia may have been polite and understanding on the show yesterday, but I will easily believe that she will have more of a family relationship with Oprah than with the mother who chose Not to be reunited with her when she reached out to her after all those years!!


It may have taken 48 years to be delivered to her, but I believe that Patricia is a gift that only time and patience could have given to Oprah. Just the idea that Patricia has known for years that she and Oprah shared the same mother, and for Patricia to be so humbled and appreciative of meeting Pat's children only speak for itself the value that Patricia is as a person. Oprah reminding us that Patricia could have sold her story, and Patricia seeming genuinely surprised that Oprah was thanking her for not going to the tabloids was a moment within itself. This is truly a heart wrenching story which appears to have a very happy beginning to these two women as sisters. A wonderful revelation!!


i think her sister is a true sister friend and mother she know oprah was her sister for four years and did not say a thing she was just trying to find her mother after so many years and i have something to say to oprah after all these years that your sister been looking for her family she told to ever one as a half sister how do you get a half sister when you have the same mother she not a half sister born like ever one eles out of your mother so there for sister

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