Octomom - Sexy Party Sneak Peek

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A sneak preview of Octomom's debut single, "Sexy Party." Listen at your own risk because it's beyond terrible.
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I have no right to judge Ms. Suleman, and no heaven or hell to put anyone in. I've done my share of dirt, and if I were punished for it all eternity wouldn't be enough time. It saddens me, that many find fault with her, but no one is offering any help. Try raising EIGHT children. Alone. THEN, and only then, can anyone speak from experience. It's difficult enough just trying to raise ONE child. But eight? Alone/ Mind-blowing.


Aw, the poor thing, just trying to feed her chiddren. Perhaps she should have pondered that challenge BEFORE HAVING TWO DOZEN OF THEM!!! Silly, silly woman. http://www.whorrified.ca/


You all need to give her a break, she's trying to work to send her kids back to school and put food on the table. What would you do if you were in her place? We need to Pray for her and help her out if we can.

@ Maria in texas

Like hell we do! it's her own goddamn fault she had so many kids! If she wanted to do go by them she should have put them up for adoption! Fuck her, and fuck people like you!


Sometimes, we find ourselves in positions we'd never willing prefer. The woman has children to feed and I have no heaven or hell too put anyone in. I got my postings mixed up, BJ. My apologies. I meant them for nowaimeng. The atheist. BJ, I totally agree with your position. I just happen to be a more aggressive, less passive Christian. Obviously. I never bite my tongue, and I detest bullies like "NOWAIMENG". I could offer a translation of the name, but it would hardly be Christ-like. Hey, I don't claim to have a halo yet, just that I am a sinner saved by grace. With a couple of black belts to boot.


God takes care of the mentally challenged but NOT those who persecute them. Every one of those children are God's and he will take care of them, too. Hell is already going to be crowded but guess there's always room for one more so keep talking like that if you think it's worth it...

@ B.J.

"BJ" must stand for blowjob. You're an asshole, a pussy, and obviously don't respect people's rights to disagree with your heartless ass. I'd bet you've sold more asshole than 'Octomom' has, and for a lot less.

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