Octomom Neighbors Lash Out

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Pity the people living next to Nadya Suleman, especially this lady who has a lot of not-nice things to say about her famous neighbor. Worst cul-de-sac ever.
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this bitch is pathetic worry about your own damn life bitch. I hope a hamster devours her soul as roaches feast upon her flesh while she is rotting in hell.


Imagine, her "college aged children" are "scared" to come home when all those "scary" camera people are hanging around! And those horrible children and making too much noise because they actually play in their back yard! Well lady, just WTF do you think a house full of kids is supposed to sound like?? I don't remember anyone complaining when we 7 brothers and 4 sisters went outside to play! As a matter of fact, we had just about every kid on the block over at our house playing and watching TV with us and NO-ONE was whining about the noise! Solution...MOVE!!


oh I see unless we are cutting the mother of these children down our posts do not get posted! imagine that!
There are alot of jealous people out there.


if you don't like being around a family then move stupid neighbor or grow up! She's not there for you or to make you happy anyway she is there to give her children a home and a life. I am tired of people cutting this woman down because she has more kids than thier shriveled up ovaries could have. quit cutting down your neighbor and get a life. She is across the street I don't see how the noise of children could drift far enough over to affect your poor ears!

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