Octomom Hates Babies

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She sort of does. Listen to these quotes she made, which she of course denied making.
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Really octo mom you have a lot of money with ur 14 kids u mites well be handing out 1000 bucks to hobos on the street. With all that plastic surgery just go and by a oger mask u both look the same


She wants to do thigns naturally?! Her reproduction wasn’t natural, neither is her face, or her boobs, or her belly button, sorry!


If people know where the dads was they may call them octodad she make clear that know one knows the dad


what is wrong with this world? everywhere Octomom Octomom Octomom. what about the Octodad? just bcos she is a woman everything has to be exagerated. she hates kids, she did that etc. nobody even calls the father of the kids Octodad.

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