Obama Statement on Boston Bombing

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President Barack Obama speaks for a second time on the Boston Marathon Bombing, this time calling it an act of terrorism.
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So Obama thinks this is an act of terror? And his drone murders are not? I'm neither a Democrat nor a Republican; I emigrated from the U.S. in 1972, inspired by the horror of Mey Lai, and Lieutenant Calley's being "forgiven" by the American president of the day. I see that the U.S. Army is STILL dicking around with the date it happened. I memorized "for life" the date: I'd thought at the time it was January 8th, 1968, but over the years the Army has manipulated that date to January 16th, March 3rd, 5th, 15th, 16th and whatever else they choose, 1969. My father was a U.S.A.F. pilot; I was married to a career U.S.A.F. Officer. I loved him at that time, and I pleaded him to leave the military so that we could have a moral, loving life with our infant son. He eventually announced, no surprise, that he was married to the Air Force, and in due course, I left him and the criminal, corrupt U.S. forever, and I've never regretted it for one second and I will never return. And Obama calls the Boston tragedy a "terrorist" act. Guantanino, the assassination of JFK, likely with General Curtis Lemay, who openly hated the Kennedys, at the centre of it. After his garish run for the presidency with George "segregation yesterday, segregation today, segregation FOREVER," a born killer. And now you have a murderer as a president, who follows the orders of the Bildergergers, the Roshschilds who back the demons of our world to secretly "cull" 90 per cent of our global population, with the help of Bill Gates' poisonous, murderous vaccines, and Monsanto's poisonous, murderous crops. And Obama has the chilling statement that the bombing of the Boston Marathon, of all things, was a terrorist act. He has to work that statement around his duties as being Assassin in Chief with his drones, in secret, not having to answer for anything, anywhere, to anybody. I think the Rothschilds are so proud of him, obedient to them since the age of 19. I am in my late 60's and I was a good American, until the truths started piling up. Did you know that Dick Cheney publicly confessed a few days ago to bombing flight 93 into oblivion? It got no coverage by the corporate media, being secret members of the Bilderbergers et al. The U.S. is believed the world over to be the prince of evil and terror on this planet. A country of shame, torture, and death.

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