Obama 1998 Redistribution Speech Video

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President Barack Obama speaks at Loyola University in 1998 about the redistribution of wealth.
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"Redistribution of wealth"... Sounds like F. Castro back in the days of the revolution in Cuba. As a Cuban-American I've seen the damage and oppression that BIG Government can bring on its people. What if in school we had "redistribution" of grades? Its like working my butt off for an "A" while a slacker gets a F, but so he has a "fair shot" the teacher decides to take from my "A", change it to a "B-" and bring him up to a "C" so he can pass. Why would he ever try hard knowing that he can pass without any effort. It's called positive reinforcement.. Simple concept. If you reward a behavior, then they will repeat the behavior to getY the reward. Why would I get a job with "Obama-bucks" and food stamps coming in the mail?


The Chicago housing projects were in a terrible mess, in that time. So they tore down a bunch of them, and dispersed thr people to different locations, alot away from Chicago, to try and break up the gangs, i know he was speaking on behalf of all, so that everyone, has a shot ad he says. What are they trying to make of this? Romneys speech really took the cake! 47% of Americans, should be thrown under the bus! Come on!

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