Perez Hilton, Tila Tequila and Shanna Moakler are among the people that take part in this NOH8 Campaign PSA. It's a response to California's Supreme Court upholding the Prop 8 ruling that bands gay marriage.

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    hi nice body


    @Jemery: You should be ashamed for writing those words.


    I just don't understand the world these days. Homosexuals worried about can we get married. Why not just be happy with yourselves and except it. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. But Tila tequilla is an adult and I dont agree with her being bi but shes hot and it should not matter. As far as marriage goes no way kids need there parents now more than ever thats whats messed up with america today kids have no parents and they sure as hell dont need to be raised by two people of the same sex duh. I mean how can people sleep anymore when this shit is going on. Go to church or read the bible its a road map BIBLE Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Im not perfect but what are you going to tell God standing there ooops my bad. I have gay friends dont get me wrong but i tell them all the time its not for me nor will it every be. God Bless

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