Nicki Minaj Walks Out on American Idol Judges

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Nicki Minaj storms off the American Idol set in this clip from the show. Watch what went down now.
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I agree what Nicki was trying to say to the other judges, I think the others judges got caught with their paints down of what they were saying?


Nicki is so full of herself & shit that she's got her head up her own ass!!! Lose that bitch!


Nicki Minaj is a train wreck, just like this show. I no longer watch because the focus is on the judges - particularly the troublemakers - and not the contestants.


I haven't been a very big fan of nicki before, but this really made me think of her as a person, rather than a singer. I totally agree with what she said. They all seemed to be pressuring her into country, and I wouldn't be surprised if the first non-country song she sings, they vote her off because 'its not you're genre'. While, yes, she DID have a very country-esqe voice, I don't think they were really giving her a chance to be anything else here. They should have asked her to sing something else not country to see if she's able to sing in a more diverse setting, since she IS claiming to not be going for country. Instead, it seemed like they were insisting ON her singing country.

Marty abramson

Onika Tanya Maraj needs to get control of her temper. I was partially agreeing with her until her expletive remark and storming off.


agreed with Nicki...also, the show needs to get back on track and focus on the singers, not their drama..


Nicki needs to leave that show. She is making a spectacle of herself. It's always about the dam judges lately, what about the contestants? This ship is sinking rapidly.


I like Nicki Minaj is an amazing singer and on this video i agree with nicki.


You now, I don't like Nikki, but she was right on this one. Now I feel sorry for her and think the other judges need to apologize. Even though I don't like her genre She is still an entertainer and they need to stop ratting on her!

@ Kim

Apologise? No! Nicki is right about pushing the girl to lying, however, the judge didn't do it in a nasty way, not the nicest way, but not the nastiest either. Nicki would get a lot more point if she didn't be so immature and storm off the panel. The girl should try to explain herself, but as you can see she didnt choose to explain herself properly, instead lying to get out of heated water. Everyone knows she was bs-ing, don't need nicki to point out, however, a lot of young ppls think they have the talents, and she does seem to be looking down on the country genre. All in all, nicki is right but stomping off is a childish behaviour


the show would be so much better without her,,,bye bye

@ donna

I love Nicki!

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